What to expect after a Chemical Peel?

After a chemical peel treatment, skin will be red, tight, inflamed, or puffy. It is important to have constant sun protection, washing, moisturizing, and apply protective cream. Avoid picking, rubbing, and scratching. For best results, wait several weeks until your skin tone returns to normal.

After a Minor Chemical Peel

The skin will be red, dry, and somewhat irritated after a minor chemical peel, however these symptoms may fade with time. An ointment such as petroleum jelly may be used to calm the skin. You can generally apply makeup the next day.

After a gentle chemical peel, treated areas recover in one to seven days. The new skin may be lighter or darker than usual.

After a Medium Chemical Peel

Skin will be red and puffy after a medium chemical peel. It stings. An ointment such as petroleum jelly may be used to relieve and prevent dryness. After 5–7 days, apply cosmetics to hide any redness.

Ice packs can help. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and naproxen sodium (Aleve, others) are common OTC pain relievers. This is so your doctor can monitor your recuperation.

As swelling subsides, the skin will harden and darken, perhaps developing brown patches. After a mild chemical peel, treated regions recover in seven to 14 days, although redness might continue months.

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