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Chin Filler Singapore

The chin is critical in preserving the elegance and symmetry of the facial features. Find out reviews and price guide for chin filler.

What is Chin Filler?

A proportionate chin enhances an individual’s overall cosmetic attractiveness because it contributes significantly to the popular “V-shaped” face form and implicitly provides the optical appearance of a slimmer face.

Many Asian men and women have short or receded chins, which affects the proportion of the face. The appeal of chin fillers is that they are specifically engineered to bring bulk, lift, and balance to your face, resulting in a sharper, more V-shaped face. Additionally, the treatment can help correct a cleft chin to make it balanced.

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Is chin filler permanent?

Fillers are not a permanent procedure. Typically, fillers can last for 6–18 months, depending on which parts of the face.

It depends on how fast your body absorbs the hyaluronic and constant movements of the facial part. Different people have different absorption rates; however, the minimum is at least 6 months.

There are two types of fillers that can be injected in the chin – semi permanent (hyaluronic acid fillers) and semi permanent (polycaprolactone fillers).

Hyaluronic acid fillers: 9–12 months

Polycaprolactone filler: 2 years

Do note that hyaluronic acid fillers is reversible and polycaprolactone is not reversible

Chin projection filler – what is the recommended filler?

Most aesthetic clinic Singapore, including Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, use hyaluronic acid fillers for chin fillers.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can last 9–12 months with an excellent safety record and provide very good results.

However, it is important to check with your medical doctor about the brands of fillers used. There are many brands out there with no long track record of safety.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we only use FDA approved fillers for facial enhancements & contouring. We usually recommend Juvederm or Restylane for chin augmentation.

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How long can chin filler last?

There are 3 types of fillers on the market: hyaluronic acid fillers, calcium hydroxyapatite fillers, & polycaprolactone fillers. All 3 fillers do the same job but have differing characteristics.

Typically, hyaluronic acid chin filler can last 6–18 months.

Type Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Calcium Hydroxyapatite Fillers Polycaprolactone Fillers
Type Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Semi-Permanent Fillers Semi-Permanent Fillers
How long it last? 6 – 18 months 9 – 18 months 1 – 2 years
Reversible Yes No No
Price $850-$1200 / Syringe $1150-$1350 / Syringe $1200-$1500 / Syringe
Benefits Easily reversible Collagen producing & stronger lift Longest lasting filler & stronger lift
Dissolvable Yes No No

How is Chin Filler performed?

Before the treatment, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, aspirin, vitamin E and any other medications that causes skin to bruise.

Our Medical Director, Dr Vijay will first consult you on the pros and cons of chin will and analyse the symmetry of your face.

Once consulted, topical anaesthesia numbing cream will be provided to ease any discomfort and pain. Dr Vijay will mark out the points and inject the fillers into the chin.

After the injection, Dr Vijay will assess the results and mould the filler to ensure a natural look. Thereafter, post treatment instructions will be explained and antibiotic cream will be dispensed to ensure no infection.

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Is chin filler painful?

Chin filler feels like a slight pinch, and you may experience slight pressure or a ‘stinging’ sensation as the filler is being injected.

As different individuals have different pain tolerances, the pain is subjective. However, most patients find the pain tolerable.

A numbing cream will be provided before the treatment to minimize any discomfort. Furthermore, most brands of face fillers have an active ingredient called lidocaine (lessen the pain). It will ease the discomfort and pain during the injection.

Most of our patients find the treatment bearable and can resume normal activities afterward.

Is chin filler safe?

Chin dermal fillers are considered a very safe treatment, with a low chance of adverse conditions and side effects. When side effects do exist, they are usually moderate and only last a few days after treatment.

Check with your medical professional about the brands of fillers used. As there are many brands with skeptical safety records, ensure only regulator approved fillers are used.

Chin filler side effects

After treatment, some bruising, swelling, bleeding, and redness are to be expected. If you use blood thinners or have a bleeding issue, you’re more likely to have these adverse effects.

Although rare, fillers in the chin area will cause the following side effects:

  • Infections
  • Allergic reactions to lidocaine or dermal fillers
  • Nerve injury as a result of poor injection
  • Incorrect filler placement can cause tissue death
  • Asymmetrical regions, lumps, or bumps

What are the benefits of Chin Filler?

Chin filler are a non surgical, minimal downtime alternative to chin implants. The results are amazing without the risk of surgical complications. Filler in the chin area can fix chin issues such as cleft chin and receded chin to provide a sharper and more V shaped face

chin projection filler

Improve Receded Chin

Receded chin (Retrogenia) is a medical condition where your chin is projected slightly more inward. Most cases are genetic, and they do not affect your day-to-day life. However, cosmetically, a receded chin could make your face look rounder as it lacks contour.

Filler can be injected to add more volume to your chin. The result would be a sharper and more defined chin. It can drastically improve your overall look and make your face more defined.

cleft chin filler

Cleft Chin Filler

A cleft chin is described as a chin with a central Y-shaped dimple. Typically, it is an inherited trait.Depending on your perspective, cleft chins can or may not be considered a symbol of charm.

Cleft chin filler can be injected into the depressed area to complete your chin. The result would be a sharper and more proportionate chin.

filler in the chin area

Achieve V shaped face

Achieving a V-shaped face is the modern trend and the face of Asian beauty. With it’s popularity in Korea, there are many patients seeking a V-shaped face to appear slimmer and have a more defined jawline.

Filler can be injected to add more volume to your chin. The result would be a sharper and more defined chin. It can drastically improve your overall look and make your face more defined.

Chin Filler vs. Chin Implants

When it comes to chin augmentation, there are two options: chin fillers (non surgical) or chin implants (surgical). While both options are excellent treatments to shape your chin, there are certain pros and cons you have to consider before committing.

Chin Implants

Chin implants, also known as genioplasty, a popular chin augmentation treatment using medical-grade silicone to insert the natural chin bone through a small incision. The results are permanent, since a chin implant has a life expectancy of many decades. However, it requires anaesthesia, higher cost, recovery, and the risk of surgical complications. Additional surgery is required to reverse the effects.

Chin Filler

Chin filler is the gold standard alternative to surgery, and it is more suited for patients looking to explore chin augmentation. Results are not permanent; however, they can be reversible if they do not meet expectations. Filler is a preferred method for a new, improved jawline.

chin dermal filler

Chin Filler Price and Costs Singapore

Typical price of Chin filler in Singapore usually starts from $980/syringe. 

The price of dermal fillers is very much dependent on the brand used. For popular brands such as Juvederm, Revanesse or Teosyal Redensity, the price are from $800 onwards.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, our fillers price starts from $980/ syringe of filler. For one syringe, there is 1ml of fillers.

For a typical filler procedure, it usually requires 1 syringes. However for more complicated cases, it could extend up to 3 syringe. It is best to consult our doctors to make an informed decision.

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Chin Filler 1 ml from $980 Sharper Chin

Chin Filler Before and After

Chin filler before and after photos is prohibited by regulators from being displayed publicly. Kindly drop us a Whatsapp, email, or call us for more information regarding chin augmentation treatments.

The overall results of filler will provide you with a sharper chin projecting a sharper and more defined jawline. The overall results will be a V-shaped face and a rejuvenated look.

Contact Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic for your face filler today. Our experienced doctors and aestheticians are always ready to assist your aesthetic journey.

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Chin Filler FAQ

Where can dermal filler be injected?

Dermal filler can also be injected into the nose, lips, chin, forehead, and cheeks.

Lips fillers are a popular treatment to achieve thicker and fuller lips. There are many patients who seek forehead filler and cheek filler to fix hollow spaces on the face.


What is the difference between Profhilo and Face Fillers?

Both Profhilo and Dermal Face Fillers include hyaluronic acid, which might be confusing for those looking for anti-aging injectables. Consider the following distinctions between the two injectables:

The kind of hyaluronic acid (HA) utilized in Profhilo and Dermal Face fillers is the key distinction. Dermal face filler injections have a thicker, more viscous HA than Profhilo injections, which have a runny consistency.

The HA in fillers is combined with various compounds, unlike Profhilo, which possesses exceptionally concentrated and pure HA.


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