How to get rid of double chin?

how to get rid of double chin bio aesthetic

How to get rid of Double Chin? Aesthetic Guide

‘How to get rid of double chin?’ is one of the commonly asked questions when it comes to facial aesthetics. When it comes to double chin removal, it is more difficult as there are limited exercises to target the fats under your chin.

The annoying part of double chin is it can happen to everyone, regardless of body shape, as an unsightly protrusion on your neck that is nearly hard to hide no matter how you tilt your head.

Fortunately, we live in a time where medical treatments are so advanced that we no longer require surgery to lose fats. From double chin exercises to diet or aesthetic treatments, we have scoured the web to provide you the best methods to regain your chiseled jawline.



1. Aging

Aging occurs naturally through internal (lack of collagen) and external (sun exposure) process. As we age, the combination of slower metabolism and saggy skin is the main contributor to double chin.

2. Genetics

For some individuals, genetics may be the reason to why they are developing fats under chin.  Based on the family’s genetics history of skin and no elasticity.

3. Chin Structure

For individuals with smaller chin, it  can cause the fats on the chin to appear more prominent. Chin filler is a great treatment to contour and sharpen small chin.

4. Diet

High fat & unsustainable diet is a strong contributor to developing excess fats on chin. We see increasing fats accumulation with poor diet more recently.

5. Sun damage

Individuals who are constantly exposed to the sun, it will also increase the possibility to double chin as the neck skin will be looser due to constant sun damage and lack of collagen.



how to get rid of double chin? double chin removal


Double Chin Exercises

For double chin exercises, there’s no scientific evidence that jaw exercises may reduce your double chin, however there has been many positive feedbacks.

Here are four double chin exercises that may help tone and strengthen your double chin region. Repeat the workout 10 to 15 times each day.

Jaw Jut – Tilt head up facing ceiling, push jaw out, hold for 10 seconds, return jaw and repeat

Chin to Ball – Place a bouncy 10 inch ball under neck, push chin up and down for 25 reps.

Jaw Stretch – Tilt head up facing ceiling, tilt head left and right to stretch, return jaw and repeat.

Tongue Stretch – Face forwards and stick out tongue, direct tongue towards nose. Hold for 10 sec and repeat.


Diet and Regular Exercise

Double chin that are due to poor diet is the most common for most individuals. Similar to body weight loss, the lesser intake of oily, carbohydrates and high calories diet would help to burn fats.

The combination of regular exercises and diet can accelerate weight loss and remove double chin faster.


Good Skin care routine

Adopting a good skin care routine is very important to maintain skin elasticity. During the aging process, production of collagen & elastin start to decrease on a cellular level.

Combined with the decrease in hyaluronic acid production, our skin will start sagging increasing the appearance of double chin. On “how to get rid of double chin’, we highly recommend lifting cream and sunscreen (SPF 50+) for the day, and hyaluronic acid serum for night.  The skincare range at Juliette Armand would be a great choice as it is medically formulated to cater to all skin types.



how to get rid of double chin - aesthetic treatments\


TYPE From  Skin Type Results
Sygmalift HIFU $298 – $800/session Painless HIFU, melt falts Permanent Result
HIFU Facelift $498 – $1580/session HIFU, melt fats – less session Permanent Result
Fat Freeze $238/session Permanently burn fats Permanent Result
Botox Jaw $680 – $980/session Sharper jawline Temporary Results
Chin Fillers $880 – $1200/session Sharper chin Temporary Results
Profhilo Neck $1000/session Antiaging / Collagen production Permanent Result

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Jaw Botox

double chin removal botox jaw line slimming

When injected, the Botulinum toxins will block the signals transmitting between muscles & nerves. The effect will weaken the muscles so it no longer contracts. As a result, the weakened muscle will sharpen the jawline and lift the neck.

Botox usually last for 6 – 9 months and regular treatment is required for maintenance.


Chin Filler 

chin filler - double chin removl

A proportionate chin enhances an individual’s overall cosmetic attractiveness because it contributes significantly to the popular “V-shaped” face form and implicitly provides the optical appearance of a slimmer face.

The appeal of chin filler is that they are specifically engineered to bring bulk, lift, and balance to your face, resulting in a sharper, more V shaped face. Additionally, chin fillers can help correct cleft chin to make it balanced.

Profhilo Neck 

profhilo neck

Profhilo is one of the latest injectable in Singapore to treat aging and saggy skin. More popularly known as 逆時針, Profhlio is the first “injectable skincare” to target skin laxity through the production of elastin, collagen and adipocytes (fats) stem cells .

This anti aging injectable has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (32mg/ml) in the market, containing 5 x more than Skinboosters.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

hifu double chin

Overtime as we age, our bodies starts to produce lesser collagen resulting in saggy skin and formation of fine lines and wrinkles. In the past, the options are limited to botox or surgical facelift in order to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) uses the ultrasound technology to reach 3 different depths of the skin to deliver focused beams (60 to 70 degrees Celsius) without disrupting the skin surface. The focused beams will melt the fats in the face while tightening the skin. The focused beams also jumpstart the collagen production allowing your skin to continually lift and tone.

Fat Freeze (Double Chin)

fat freeze double chin

The science behind Fat freeze is to kill fat cells through cell apoptosis (fat cell death). The suction will vacuum the fats into the cooling plate to freeze it. Due to fat’s sensitivity to cold, the cold temperature will freeze and eliminate  the fat cells leaving the other tissues unharmed.

The procedure will freeze your fat cells at temperature -5 to -10 degrees celcius  leaving other tissues like skin, blood vessels and nerves unharmed. The temperature is constantly regulated to ensure the it doesn’t burn the skin.

Over time, the dead fat cells will be slowly disintegrate and be naturally metabolised out of the waste system.


bio aesthetic laser clinic medispa

Hydrapeel Facial, fat freezing, teeth whitening, and laser hair removal are just a few of the medical aesthetic spa treatments available at Bio Aesthetic Medispa. We also employ cosmeceutical-grade products from Greece (Juliette Armand), which contains a high concentration of high-quality active ingredients for safe and efficient outcomes.

Botox, fillers, threadlifts, HIFU, pigmentation laser, and acne management are all available at Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic. All treatments at the Laser Clinic are performed by MOH-accredited physicians.



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