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acne scar removal

Acne Scar Removal – How to get rid of acne scars?

Acne scar removal is one of the top requested treatments in Aesthetics. Many individuals who  battled through acne skin in their younger days now have to face a new issue, acne scars.

Acne scars and markings can persist long after the pimples have faded. The normal healing process of the skin will generate a scar after a big pimple or cystic acne.

The more severe the inflammation, the more probable a scar will form. Acne scars treatments requires patience and different aesthetic equipments to recover.

In this article, we will explain the best acne scar treatment Singapore options, price and the best ways to get rid of acne scars.

What are acne scars?

Acne scars are permanent scars in the skin’s texture usually caused by severe acne. They might appear as shallow depressions, ice-pick scars, or boxcar scars in the clinic.

  • Ice pick scars: V shaped scars that are deep and narrow scars
  • Boxcar scar: Broad, rectangular depressions with steep sides
  • Rolling scars: A rolling scar with broad depressions with sloping edges

Hypertrophic scar (keloid) is also a type of scar, however it is not caused by acne.

Most patients we have encountered usually have mixed acne scars, a combination of the different types of scars.

Acne scars treatments will vary between different scars, so it is important to verify the types of scars before deciding a course of treatment.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we take a customised approach on acne scar removal to get the best results suited for you.


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Acne scar removal cream – Does it work? 


Acne Scar is a complex issue. It largely depends on an individual’s recovery process and present type of acne scars.

Seeking advice from medical professional is always the best option.

For mild acne / acne scars, some home remedies can be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid can be found in many acne skin care products. It has some healing abilities to reduce swell, bumps or redness to reduce the appearance of pimple scars.

AHA Acid

AHA Acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) can also help reduce acne scar by encouraging the rejuvenation of the skin. This however should be done by a professional to ensure safe method of application.

Natural Remedies

There are some popular home remedies that have been known to help with acne / acne scars.

However not all are completely backed by science, therefore, it is absolutely critical that users are well informed of the products they are introduced:

Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Raw Honey, Lemon Juice etc

How to remove Acne Scars?

There are different treatments to remove acne scars. Each treatment is have different results for acne scars, therefore, the best method is to seek out a reputable skin clinic to ensure proper diagnosis.

CO2 Laser Acne scar removal

Fractional CO2 Laser is the gold standard of acne scars treatment. Non-invasive & non-surgical. With one of the longest wavelength of laser, it is very effective for depressed atrophic acne scars.

Radiofrequency microneedling

Radio frequency RF microneedling acne scars removal

Small micro-needles transmit radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of your skin (up to 3.5mm) for deeper collagen boost and superior skin remodelling in radiofrequency (RF) treatments.

TCA Cross (Chemical Peel)

tca cross how to get rid of acne scars

TCA CROSS is a popular and effectively treatment to specifically target ice pick scar or pitted scar. For acne scars that are more severe, this treatment can be done in conjunction with CO2 Fractional Laser for improved results

subcision how to remove acne scars

Subcision is an effective acne scar treatment that utilize a special needle, carefully inserted beneath the skin to break apart the fibrous bands causing the scars. Acne scars will greatly reduces. Very effective treatment for rolling scars.

Dermal Fillers for acne scars treatment singapore

Filler is a temporary fix for upcoming events to hide the scar. Fillers will last 5 – 8 months to temporarily “fill” up the depressed area to improve the appearance of acne scars. Although it is temporary, it increase collagen production, which enhances the quality of your skin.

rejuran healer acne scar removal treatment singapore

Rejuran Healer is an all rounded treatment treating from Acne scars to Skin recovery. The secret ingredient in Rejuran Healer is salmon DNA that is used for more anti-aging and regenerative effects.

Acne Scar Removal Singapore

The types of acne scars treatments would depend on the severity of the scars.

Acne scar removal Singapore is classified into three categories: mild, moderate and severe acne scars.


Type of Scars Mild Moderate Severe
Scars Mild acne scars removal singapore Moderate acne scars removal singapore Severe acne scars removal singapore
Pain Level Mild Pain (2/5) Mild Pain (2/5) Mild Pain (2/5)
Down Time 3 – 5 Days 5 – 7 Days 5 – 7 Days
Price $1800 – $3500 $3500 – $6000 $4500 – $7500
Profile Light Acne Scars Mix of rolling and boxcar All types of acne scars
Treatments Fractional C02 Laser

Rejuran Healer

TCA Cross

Fractional CO2 Laser


TCA Cross

Rejuran Healer

Fractional CO2 Laser


TCA Cross

Rejuran Healer

Sylfirm X

Main Capabilities ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★



The price of acne scar removal treatment in Singapore starts from $398.

Depending in skin types, types of acne scars and severity of scars, you may need a combination of acne scars treatments to see visible results.

For hypertrophic scars such as keloid scars, the price starts from $100 / scar.

Bio Aesthetic is one of the leading aesthetic clinic Singapore to effectively treat acne scars. We take a customised approach for every patient to ensure the most optimal and visible results.

Treatment Price
Fractional CO2 Laser from $398
Subcision from $400
TCA Cross from $400
Rejuran S/I from $400
Keloid Injection from $100 / scar
Sylfirm X RF Micro-needle from $450
Dermal Fillers from $880


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Best Acne Scar Removal 

Acne scars can be complex to heal as each scar have a different profile. In the initial stages (4 – 6 sessions), you can see an improvement of 50% – 65% in scars appearance.

After the initial stages, our doctors will review your skin again to determine the best course of action. Generally most patients we have treated see a 70% – 85% improvement.

how to remove acne scars


The healing of acne scars depends largely on individual’s healing rate and how deep acne scars is. It is difficult to give an exact timeline, however a general estimate would be:

Mild acne scars – 2 – 4 months

Moderate acne scars – 4 – 7 months

Severe acne scars – 6 – 20 months


Acne scar treatment

Acne scars treatment Singapore is effective for different types of acne scars.

The course of treatments also depends on the downtime you are willing to accept.

The most effective treatments are:

  1. Fractional Co2 Laser
  2. Subcision
  3. TCA Cross
  4. RF Micro-needling
  5. Fillers
  6. Rejuran S/I


Laser Acne Scar Removal – Fractional Co2 Laser

Laser acne scar removal targets the outer layer of the skin by “burning” off dead skin on the surface while boosting the production of collagen in order to repair damaged skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser is often regarded as the gold standard for acne scars and is effective for boxcar scars, rolling scars and ice pick scars.


This treatment generally has a downtime between 3-5 days. It is effective to treat scars on the surface area.


Radio Frequency Microneedling

Radio Frequency Microneedling such as Sylfirm X uses micro needles and RF energy to deliver thermal energy deep into your skin (up to 4mm).

This treatment is effective for boxcar scars and rolling scars.



A perfect combination of radio frequency and micro-needling to induce an effective, natural healing response that stimulates skin tightening, cell regeneration and collagen production.


TCA Cross (Chemical Peel)

tca cross for acne scars - acne scars treatment


TCA Cross is a more “aggressive” type of medium to deep chemical peel (high concentrate liquid acid)

It can effectively target the bottom layer of deep & pitted scar tissue, triggering the skin beneath to stimulate collagen, encourage regeneration for improved skin appearance on affected area.


Subcision for Acne Scars

Subcision is an effective acne scar treatment that utilize a special needle, carefully inserted beneath the damaged skin to target and break apart the fibrous bands causing the scars.

The treatment is very effective for rolling and deep rolling scars.


This treatment greatly reduces the scar appearance by levelling the damaged area with the remaining of the skin’s surface.

Fillers / Rejuran S for Acne Scars

Filler acts more like a temporary fix for upcoming events to hide the scar.

When face fillers is injected into the skin, the hyaluronic will act as a magnet to attract moisture allowing the targeted area to have a filling effect.

The effects of fillers is immediate and will improve over the weeks. However, results are temporary and will last for 5 – 8 months.


fillers for acne scars - acne scars treatment


Over the weeks, the HA will continue to attract water molecules to add volume to targeted areas.

Are Acne Scars removal permanent?

Yes, the results you achieve from the treatments are PERMANENT!

The only non permanent treatment is dermal fillers. It acts as a temporary fix lasting 5 – 8 months.

To ensure the best result, it is critical that client’s heed the advice from their respective Medical Doctor. Aftercare procedures such as avoiding sunlight, applying sunscreen are important to take note of as it may potentially jeopardize your final results.


Acne Scars Treatment Singapore – Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic


acne scars treatment singapore bio aesthetic laser clinic


At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we have an excellent track record in treating acne scars.

We constantly invest in new and modern technology to ensure effective and fast treatments.

Skin issues usually have different personalities and we believe in a personalised and customised to achieve optimal results.

We invest in providing a luxurious environment & cutting edge technologies. Being a multi award winning aesthetic clinic Singapore, it’s the least you can expect.

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