Botox Price & Review – Beginner Guide To Botox

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Botox Price Guide – Beginner Guide To Botox

Botox Price – Botox is not just a popular solution to many ageing concerns for people in Singapore, but all around the world. It might be the most common aesthetic treatment available. Eliminate wrinkles, contour your jawline, slim the neck area, and reduce the appearance of large calves – it’s no wonder Botox is so accepted and easily accessible. Choosing a doctor with the right skills & experience will leave you with natural looking results. This versatile treatment offers you natural enhancements with no surgery and no downtime.


Botox Singapore Price – How much does Botox cost? (2021)

The price of Botox in Singapore usually range from $198 to $1800. The costs usually depends:

1.  Brand of Botox (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)

2. Target area (how many units are required?)

Other Botox injection costs also depends on the clinic’s overhead and skill / experience of Doctors. Instead of requiring to purchase a whole vial of Botox (100 units).

You can choose to target a specific area (forehead, crows feet and glabella). Some aesthetic clinics also offer upper and lower face options allowing you save more money.


Botox Price Singapore – Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic


Forehead lines – Female  (Frontalis) $280 $250 8 – 25 units
Forehead lines – Male (Frontalis) $330 $300 8 – 25 units
Frown Lines – Female (Glabella) $280 $250 8 – 20 units
Frown Lines – Male (Glabella) $330 $300 8 – 20 units
Brow Lift

$198 per side

$160 per side 8 – 20 units
Crow’s Feet $198 per side $160 per side 8 – 20 units
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250 4 – 10 units
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250 4 – 10 units
Jaw Line – Female (Masseter muscles) $690 $598 40 – 80 units
Jaw Line – Male (Masseter muscles) $890 $790 40 – 80 units
Chin $230 $198 4 – 8 units
Gummy Smile $230 $198 4 – 8 units
Neck lines $790 $600 8 – 20 units
Dermalift Mirco-injections $790 $600 8 – 20 units
Sweat Control: Underarms / Palms $1500 $1200 100 – 120 units
Calf Reduction $1500 $1200 100 – 200 units
Ala Carte Add on Per Unit $15/ unit $12 / unit $12 / unit

*Price quoted all subject to prevailing government taxes. Prices is not fixed and depends on the unit required to treat.
*Units required is an estimation based on average patients. It is best to consult our doctor based on individual needs.


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Botox Injection – What is Botox?

what is botox? botox price bio aesthetic

What is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic injectable commonly used to reduce wrinkles temporarily (usually up to 4-6 months). It is a protein derived from Botulinum toxin.

Botox essentially disrupts the nerve signalling processes to stimulate muscle contraction. In order for any muscle to contract, the nerves release a chemical messenger called acetylcholine. Botox prevents the release of this messenger, which stops the muscle cells from contracting.

Why Get Botox? 

Wrinkles and fine lines are natural occurrences that happen as we age. The lack of collagen coupled with constant muscle movements (like smiling and frowning) deepens lines, which become more and more prominent over time. Without a healthy skin regime, which can include injectable treatments like Botox, these lines will become permanent. 

Botox is also a minimally invasive treatment that provides guaranteed results. Botox injection only requires 30 mins and there is no downtime at all.

Advantages of Botox – Benefits 

These are the most common advantage of Botox treatments: 

  • Erasing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Slimming of the jawline
  • Improvement in appearance by delaying the ageing process
  • Guaranteed results
  • Lifting of drooping eyes


Where to inject Botox?

When it comes to Botox, the common treatments are to rid wrinkles and fines lines from the face. Botox can also be used to control  hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), teeth grinding (bruxism) and muscle reduction.


The Forehead: Due to the decrease of collagen & elastin as we age, the visibility of fine lines will start to appear. Botox assists to relax muscles preventing strong contraction on the forehead. Results include a decrease in the fine lines & wrinkles in that area.


Eyebrow Lift: As we age, skin in area of the eyebrows and the eyelids will appear heavier causing signs drooping in the eye area. Botox can lift the eyebrow for to arch the brow area.


Jaw Botox Slimming: Jaw Botox is an effective treatment for Jaw Line Slimming. By injecting the Masseter, the Botox will relax the muscles shrinking it 20% – 30%. Obvious visible results will occur over 3 – 4 weeks achieving a sharper, more defined V shaped jaw.


Target More Than Wrinkles

While the most common areas treated by Botox in Singapore are fine lines and wrinkles in the face, this anti-ageing treatment can also tackle issues like excessive oily skin and excessive sweating. For example, Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterised by excessive sweating. It’s more common on the palms and armpits. Botox can block the sweating by up to 80%.


Botox Calf Reduction

Botox is injected into the  gastrocnemius muscle of the calf, the Botulinum Toxin will weaken and contract the muscles reducing the overall size. Approximately 50 to 150 units of Botox are needed for each calf, depending on the individual’s assessment. The popular Botulinum Toxin brands, such as Dysport & Botox are used to reduce calf size.


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Botox side effects – Is there any side effects?

Generally Botox is a very safe treatments and the side effects of Botox is very minimal. However, Botox is still a medical treatment and mild adverse effects might occur. These are some of them:

  • At the injection site, you may experience discomfort, edema, or bruising.
  • fever
  • headache

Some adverse effects are linked to the injection site. If you have Botox injections in your eyes, for example, you can get the following symptoms:

  • eyelids that are drooping
  • eyebrows that aren’t even
  • Dry eyes
  • Injections around the mouth might cause drooling or a “crooked” grin.

The majority of adverse effects are transitory and should subside within a few days.

Drooping eyelids, drooling, and asymmetry, on the other hand, are all produced by the toxin’s unintended effects on muscles surrounding the drug’s target locations, and these adverse effects may take several weeks to improve as the poison wears off.

Overall, most patients we have encountered do not experience any major side effects. In the rare case that you encounter any Botox side effect, contact your clinic for advise.


How long does Botox last?

botox price - how long does botox last

Botox can usually last from 4 – 6 months depending on the area injected. The effects of Botox are not permanent and effects can be reversible. At Bio Aesthetic Laser, our prices are inclusive of a complimentary touch up after the 1 week review if the 1st injection is not enough.

Our clinic’s practice is not to over do the treatment (especially for botox), so Doctor will inject his recommended dosage based on the client’s needs first and then review after a week to see if more is required.


Botox Before and After

Botox before and after photos is prohibited by Ministry of Health (MOH) to be displayed publicly. Kindly drop us a Whatsapp, Email or Call us for more information regarding Botox injection treatments.

Contact  Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic for your Botox price today. Our experienced doctors and aestheticians are always ready to assist your aesthetic journey.

Botox before and after is available wrinkles reduction, calf reduction and jawline botox.

botox price - botox before and after




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Botox is an highly effective anti-ageing treatment that rejuvenates the face and reduces wrinkles. It is also an excellent treatment for jaw slimming & overall facelift effects. 

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