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Forehead Filler Singapore

Forehead filler is the most overlooked treatment when it comes to anti aging treatments. As we age, our forehead loses volume, creating an uneven and depressed look.

The filler can fill up sunken areas on the forehead to produce a fuller, more appealing forehead. The main ingredient in face filler are hyaluronic acid compounds, a natural chemical produced in our body.

In addition to restoring volume, forehead fillers is effective to smooth out static wrinkles caused by overworked forehead muscles.

Read on for the complete guide to forehead fillers. Compare reviews, treatment options and price.



What is Forehead Filler?

forehead filler types of forehead

The aesthetically perfect forehead seeks a balanced curve with no bumps and depression. As there is very little flesh around the forehead, it is important to choose the correct type of filler for forehead.

When the filler is injected into the forehead, it can restore volume at sunken area to create a symmetrical face.

The benefits of forehead fillers are:

  1. Anti-Aging: Enrich & strengthen the youth shape of forehead to combat the speed of volume loss due to inevitable aging;
  2. Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines: Plumps up the sunken areas or lines on forehead to regain youthfulness and helps in eyebrow lifting; and
  3. Forehead Shaping for Perfect Facial Contour: Highlight the bouncy shape of forehead, pursue symmetry/perfect facial contour.

The popular hyaluronic acid fillers are Juvederm, Teosyal Redensity 2 and Restylane. Forehead fillers can last 9 – 12 months, giving you a more youthful and wrinkle free look.


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Best wrinkle filler for forehead?

The small amount of flesh in the forehead means there are only a few fillers that can be used.  Hyaluronic acid fillers that are soft and can give the natural look would be preferred.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we use  Teosyal Redensity for the forehead.

Teosyal Redensity II

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

forehead filler hyaluronic acid

Radiesse (Lidocaine)

Calcium Hydroxylapatite – CaHA filler

forehead filler lidocaine

Forehead Filler Costs / Price Singapore

Forehead filler price in Singapore starts from $1080 per 1 ml. Always check with your clinic for the authenticity of the fillers as there are “fake” products in the market.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we are a premium supplier and only use 100% authentic injections. We believe in price transparency and adhere to the highest standards of safety.


Forehead Filler 1 ml  from $980 Contour Forehead

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Forehead Augmentation Filler

forehead augmentation filler

Forehead filler is performed using FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers to be injected beneath forehead by using a cannula. The effects will restore or even increase the volume and smoothness of the forehead.

Our experienced doctor will first perform a detailed consultation based on your facial profile and desired results.

Total treatment time will not exceed 30 mins and the results is instant. Forehead filler treatment has no downtime and you can resume normal activities after.

The benefits of forehead fillers are:

  • Lift eyebrows for better appearance around the eyes
  • Ease wrinkles for youthful look
  • Overall face tightening and lifting
  • Achieve better symmetry & contour of the face


Forehead Filler Before and After

forehead filler before and after

Forehead fillers before and after photos is prohibited by Ministry of Health (MOH) to be displayed publicly. Kindly drop us a WhatsappEmail or Call us for more information regarding dermal filler injection treatments.

Contact  Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic today. Our experienced doctors and aestheticians are always ready to assist your aesthetic journey.

Speak to us today to set up an appointment if you are suffering from saggy skin, acne scars, ageing skin, uneven skin tone, wrinkled skin or enlarged pores.

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Forehead Filler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At what age is the most suitable period to do Forehead Filler?

Patients in their 20s and 30s for prevention and/or enhancement, to plump the skin and restore youthfulness and/or to achieve facial symmetry;

– Patients in their 40s and 50s for recovery and/or enhancement, to reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles, plump the skin, and restore youthfulness.


What is/are the side effects of Forehead Filler?

Bruising and swelling are the most common / minor side effects that might occur when a larger blood vessel (such as vein) beneath our skin get injured during the injection process, fret no as they usually go away after 4-7 days itself.

However, rare severe/major side effects such as vascular occlusion can develop when the filler injected blocks our blood circulation, resulting in skin necrosis (the death of skin cells) or even blindness.


 Is Forehead Filler injection painful?

The injection uses a soft-fill cannula so most patients do not experience much pain during the injection.

Dermal fillers will be carefully injected into the forehead at specific locations highlighted, followed by massaging the filler into place to create face symmetry.

To ensure the patient’s comfort during the treatment, numbing cream will be applied on forehead for at least 20mins in upfront.


How long does forehead filler injection take? Is there any downtime required for recovery?

The dermal fillers procedure generally takes 15 to 30 minutes (excludes numbing period) and has minimal downtime. It takes about 4 to 7 days, if only if, there is bruising and/or swelling occur, it may vary from individual to individual.


Is there any pain?

Generally the pain level is minimal. Topical numbing cream will be applied prior to the treatment to ensure a comfortable experience.

Most patients find it tolerable. It is important to seek an experienced clinic to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment.


How long does Forehead Filler last for? Will it dissolve over time?

Generally forehead filler can last from 6 to 18 months. The lasting period may vary from person to person (Juvederm lasts 6-18 months, while Restylane lasts 12-18 months.)

The filler will dissolve and be broken down into water by the body eventually.


Is it mandatory to do Forehead Filler continuously? Will the forehead become even worse than before?

No, forehead filler is not a necessary routine treatment. You may opt to not continue with forehead fillers in the future.

Rest assured, your forehead will not become worse than before, it will just gradually return back to its original status.


What should I do before Pre-treatment?

1 week before, avoid supplements and pain killer medicine consumption

3 days before, avoid alcohol consumption. These actions increase the risk of bruising and swelling.

2 days before, avoid any stimulation on treatment areas



Where else can face fillers be injected?

Other than injecting fillers in the lips, other popular areas such as cheek fillers, chin filler, lip fillers and nose filler are common.


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