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Acne scar treatment for depressed acne | Can be used with Fillers

Subcision price from $400

Reduce acne scars with confidence


Subcision Acne Scar

Subcision is an effective acne scar treatment that utilize a special needle, carefully inserted beneath the damaged skin to target and break apart the fibrous bands causing the scars.

This treatment greatly reduces the scar appearance by levelling the damaged area with the remaining of the skin’s surface. Visible results can be seen after the first session.

Subcision treatment is often used with Fractional Co2 Laser and Rejuran S to enhance the result.  Subcision is an very effective to treat:

> Rolling Acne Scars

>Chicken Pox Scars

>Cellulite Scars & Wrinkles

Subcision procedure will cause some bruising that will fade after 1 week. During the healing process, your skin will increase in collagen production allowing the depressed area to plump up, improving acne scars.

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Subcision – For deep acne scar

Does Subcision work?

Deep acne scars are usually caused by 2 main reasons, loss of collagen in the skin and formation of fibrous bands that pulls the skin surface downwards, causing a depressed spot in the skin.

When subcision procedure is performed, a special needle is used to break down the fibrous bands allowing the depressed scars to resurface. During this process, the disrupted blood vessels will promote blood accumulation on the treated area.

This coagulation of blood will prevents any new attachments of fibrous bands to your scars allowing smoother healing. Concurrently, new collagen will produce and improve the appearance of the scars over time.

Other acne scars treatments such as Fractional Co2 laser and Rejuran S can be combined to stimulate collagen production and improve results.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, our doctors are fully equipped and trained for acne scars procedure.

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No Risk of Pigmentation

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Visible results from 1st session

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Effective for most acne scars

Treatment Benefits

Subcision benefits:

  • No risk of hyperpigmentation (compared to lasers)
  • Very effective for deep rolling scars
  • Results can be seen from 1st session
  • Can treat most kind of acne scars
  • Can be combined with other acne scars treatment

Subcision details:

  • Face assessment by doctor based on needs & recommendations
  • 3o mins subcision treatment performed by MOH approved Doctor
  • Safe treatment with minimal side effects

Recommended Acne Scars for Subcision

Perfect if you are suffering from Boxcar Scar, Ice Pick Scar and Rolling Deep. Subcision treatment can effectively improve acne scars with minimal side effects.

subcision boxcar scar

Boxcar Acne Scar

subcision rolling deep acne scarsRolling Deep Scar

Ice Pick Acne Scar

Subcision acne scar treatment

Subcision Singapore


Treatment Time 30 mins (Depending on scars)
Sessions Required 2 – 3 sessions (Depending on severity)
Recommended Intervals Consult Doctor – Every 4 weeks
Recovery Time Swelling (2 – 3 days), Healing (up to 10 days)
Price $400 onwards

Is Subcision safe?


Subcision is one of the safest acne scar treatment available as it has very minimal side effects and no risk of hyperpigmetations (PIH) compared to lasers. However, it is not the only acne scar solution. It is always important to first identify the type of acne scars before administering the treatment.

For patients suffering from active skin infections, keloids or susceptible to excessive bleeding, subcision is not a recommended treatment option. It is the most effective for deep rolling scars and visible results can be seen from only the 1st session.

Generally, subcision only requires 2 – 4 sessions (4 weeks apart) for a complete protocol. It has minimal complications and pain is tolerable





What are the types of Acne Scars?



Boxcar Acne ScarIce Pick ScarRolling Deep Scar

Boxcar Acne Scar

Boxcar scars resemble a depression or crater in your skin that is circular or oval. They are often broader than ice pick scars but not as wide as rolling scars, and have sharp vertical edges. Scars that are shallow may respond easily to therapy, while deeper scars may be more difficult to remove.

Subcision can help with Boxcar scar , however it is not as effective as Fractional Co2 Laser or Rejuran S.


boxcar scar Boxcar Scar - Circular / Oval Shape

Treatment Option

Fractional Co2 Laser ($398 onwards)

Rejuran S ($400 onwards)

TCA Cross ($400 onwards)


Ice Pick Scar

Ice pick scars are a form of acne scar. Ice pick scars are more severe than boxcar, atrophic, or other forms of acne scars due to their depth and thin imprints. Because of the severity of the scar, they are extremely difficult to cure at home.

Subcision is not as effective for Ice Pick scars compared to TCA cross or Punch grafting.


ice pick acne scars subcision Ice Pick Scar - Deep scars with thin imprint

Treatment Option

• Punch Grafting

TCA Cross ($400 onwards)


Rolling Deep Scar

Rolling scars are pits or indentations in the skin with sloping sides. Each of these pits may be larger than 4–5 millimeters in diameter. They make the skin seem uneven and can be difficult to conceal.

Subcision is a very effective treatment to treat deep rolling scars.


Rolling deep acne scars subcision Rolling Deep Scars - Large, sloping side scars

Treatment Option

• Subcision ($400 onwards)

Fractional Co2 Laser ($398 onwards)

Rejuran S ($400 onwards)

What is the price / cost of Subcision Singapore

Acne Scar Treatment – Transparent Pricing

Subcision $400
Fractional Co2 Laser $398
Rejuran S $400
TCA Cross $400
Cortisone Acne Injection $50 / pimple
Keloid Injection $100 / scar

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Difference between Subcision & other acne scars treatment

Identify the scars

In order to decide the best treatment for acne scars, it is important to differentiate the types of scars. Simply, acne scars are categorised into two types:

  • Atrophic Scars (Due to lack of collagen) – Rolling, Boxcar & Icepick scars
  • Hypertrophic Scars (Net gain of Collagen) – Keloids 

Over 90% of acne scars are atrophic acne scars. It can appear flat or sunken on the skin, appearing like a hole on the skin. Fractional CO2 laser is a very effective treatment for all atrophic scars, however treatments such as subcision will yield a slightly better results for Shallow rolling scars. It is important to let the doctor determine the type of scars in order to provide a customised treatments.

fractional co2 laser acne scars singapore bio aesthetic


Type CO2 Laser Radio Frequency Micro Needling Chemical Peel Subcision Dermal Fillers
Acne Scar Treatmen fractional co2 laser acne scars singapore bio aesthetic
Pain Level Mild Pain (2/5) Medium Pain (3.5/5) Mild Pain (2/5) Mild Pain (2.5/5) Mild Pain (2/5)
Down Time 5 – 7 Days 3 – 5 Days 1 – 2 Days 4 – 10 Days 1 – 2 Days
Price $398 – $800 $1000 – $2500 $98 – $350 $400 $200 – $700
Sessions Required 3 – 6 Sessions 1 – 3 Sessions 2 – 4 Sessions 2 – 4 Sessions 1 – 3 Session
Effectiveness ★★★★★

(Permanent Results)


(Permanent Results)


(Permanent Results)


(Permanent Results)


(Temporary Results)

Types of Acne Scars Atrophic acne scar (Rolling, Boxcar, Icepick Acne Scar) Atrophic acne scar (Rolling, Boxcar Acne Scar) Atrophic acne scar (Icepick Acne Scar) Atrophic acne scar (Shallow Rolling, Boxcar Acne Scar) Most kinds of scars (Results temporary)

Subcision Treatment

Before the commencement for any procedures, a full assessment between the medical doctor & patient will be conducted to correctly identify the scars and address the areas of concern.

There are different types of needles that can be used to administer. Most commonly, we use the 18G Nokor Needle, specifically designed to perform subcision procedure.

Our MOH approved doctor will insert the needle via the skin surface into the scar tissue beneath, breaking the fibrous bands that is “pulling” your skin down, to allow your skin to resurface.

To prevent infection and promote scar healing, a topical antibiotic ointment will be applied. Swelling may occur after the treatment lasting up to 5 – 10 days.

Additional treatments such as Fillers, Rejuran, can be paired with the procedure to promote & stimulate collagen growth progressively. Lastly, Fractional Laser (Co2 Laser) may be introduced to further improved skin texture.


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subcision acne scars

What acne scars treatment can combine with Subcision?

Subcision and Fractional CO2 Laser

Combining Fractional CO2 Laser with subcision will stimulate collagen production and heal the acne scar faster. The laser induces microscopic injury to irritates the skin, collagen production will begin allowing the process for the skin to start repairing.

Subcision and Rejuran S 

Rejuran S is compatible with Subcision due to it’s ability to stimulate higher collagen production. The healing ability of Rejuran S can also act like a filler to fill the depressed scar to prevent new fibrous tissues to form.

Subcision and Filler Acne Scar

Filler acts more like a temporary fix for upcoming events to hide the scar. Fillers will last 5 – 8 months to temporarily “fill” up the depressed area to improve the appearance of acne scars.

Subcision and RF Micro-needling

 RF microneedling is a procedure where micro needle inserted into the dermis. The micro needle transmits a high-tensioned radio frequency (RF) pulse into the targeted tissue to stimulate elastin and collagen fibres.

subcision acne scars

Am I suitable for Subcision?

Who is Subcision for?

  • Male or female who is suffering from rolling and deep rolling acne scar

  • Patients looking for an acne scar treatment with little to no side effects

  • Patients seeking a comprehensive acne scar solution

Results Subcision after one session

There will be some redness and swelling for the first 2-3 days following the surgery. Following the treatment, there is very little pain. After the operation, bruising is usual and will disappear in 2-10 days, depending on your recovery and skin type. You can see visible results after 2 month, however it is advised to combine with other acne scar treatments to stimulate collagen.

Can I use Medisave to pay for Subcision?

Unfortunately, subcision treatment cannot be paid through Medisave. Both government and private clinic do not offer such benefits. Subcision is considered a cosmetic treatment.

FAQs about Subcision Singapore

According to new study, having subcision acne scar therapy while taking Accutane or Oratane is safe. This implies that patients do not need to wait the 6 to 12 month washout period before having scar revision surgery.

The earlier acne scars are treated, the better the eventual acne scar outcomes will be. Acne scar prevention produces the best outcomes because patients avoid the discomfort, expense, and downtime associated with acne scar revision.

Category: subcision

In most cases, 2-4 subcision procedures spaced around 4 weeks apart to treat acne scars. The result is highly dependent on individuals, type of scar, depth of the scar, and skin type.

Category: subcision

After the first session, you should experience positive effects. You may need a few more sessions to repair your acne scars, depending on the type of scar and how deep it is.

It is advised to combine your subcision treatment with other acne scars treatment such as

Fractional CO2 Laser (Collagen Production) – to heal acne scars faster

Rejuran S (Healing) – Filler effect will prevent scar tissues from forming with collagen production & healing properties

Fillers – Temporary fix for acne scars to “fill” up the depressed area. Results are not permanent.

Category: subcision

The majority of patients tolerate subcision well. To reduce discomfort, the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. Before the treatment, numb cream will be applied on the face to ensure comfort.

Category: subcision

The costs / price of subcision acne scar treatment is listed as follow:

Acne Scar Treatment – Transparent Pricing

Subcision $400
Fractional Co2 Laser $398
Rejuran S $400
TCA Cross $400
Cortisone Acne Injection $50 / pimple
Keloid Injection $100 / scar
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Recovery time for Subcision

There will be some redness and swelling for the first 2-3 days following subcision procedure. Following therapy, there is very little pain. After the operation, bruising is usual and will disappear in 2-10 days, depending on your recovery and skin type. Generally the recovery time for subcision will be less than 10 days.

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Category: subcision

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