What is Q Switch Laser recovery time?

What is Q Switch Laser recovery time?

The recovery time of Q Switch laser treatment depends on the type of mode it is in. Generally the two most common mode is laser toning and a stronger mode to target pigmentation removal and tattoo removal.

Laser toning mode: Generally no downtime after the treatment. After the Q switch laser treatment, you may experience pinkish / blushed skin due to the thermal energy from the laser. However, it will fade away over the next few hours.

Pigmentation / Tattoo Removal mode: your skin will turn grey and white for a few minutes as a result of the laser energy absorption. If you have a lot of colours on your skin, you may develop some bruises.

For the next few days, your skin may develop superficial blisters, resulting in a crusting. It takes around 7 to 10 days for skin to recover adequately. Because of pigmentation, the treated skin turns pinkish and blends in with the surrounding skin.

In certain rare circumstances, if the repaired skin takes longer than one to two weeks, the skin becomes more susceptible to sun damage. It takes time for the pigmentation to settle and the skin to return to its usual, healed state.

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