What are the post Fractional Co2 laser care?

Right after the laser treatment, our aestheticians will apply hydrating serum & SPF 50 sunblock on your face. *It is important to keep your skin hydrated (post laser serum) during the downtime period.

  1. Ensure you use a gentle cleanser for the first week after laser treatment. Please do not use exfoliate
  2. Ensure hydration. Moisturise face twice a day to keep skin hydrated
  3. Ensure daily Sunblock (SPF 50) . Ensure sunblock is applied twice a day if possible to protect from sun damage. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  4. Avoid using skin products with acidic content (AHA, BHA) for 1 week or until the scabs fall off.
  5. Do not pick & irritate scabs. Use to soothing toner to cleanse face.

*For ladies: Light makeup can still be worn. It is still recommended not to have any makeup for maximum healing.