Is my mole cancerous?

In order for our Doctor to determine whether a mole requires further assessment, we can adopt the ABCDE method. It is a standard guideline to determine whether the mole is safe. ABCDE is an acronym for:

Asymmetry: Whether the mole structure is irregular and asymmetrical
Border: The mole’s boundaries are asymmetrical, or the mole is bleeding
Colour: The mole is coloured in a variety of colours, not just one shade.
Diameter: The mole is greater than 6mm in size
Evolve: Whether the mole has increased in size over time

is my mole cancerous? mole removal

Typically, if there is an increased in size, changes in colour, bleeding mole or history of skin cancer in the family, it is advised to seek a skin specialist for further assessment. In most cases, moles can be easily removed with Fractional Co2 Laser.

Send us a picture of your mole for a complimentary skin assessment. Our experienced doctors and aestheticians are always ready to help achieve your skin goals.

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