Large pores tend to appear on oily skin as the sebum and dirt collect, causing your skin to swell and pores to appear larger than usual. Individuals who tend to have oily skin often have large pores as well. Aging is another factor that causes large pores as the skin loses its elasticity, which may cause pores to look bigger.

The sun may also cause large pores to form as the skin thickens, resulting in additional skin cells forming around the edges of the pores which stretch them out. Laser energy micro beams are used to break down the tissue of the epidermis, after which new, healthy skin grows over the treatment area.

Similar to using deep chemical peels or ablative lasers, this new technology replicates the results without the discomfort or downtime caused by regular methods.

As your skin heals naturally, the new layer will appear glowing and much more radiant, leaving you feeling and looking younger. Make-up can be used immediately after the procedure and no visible wounds are left on your skin.

Category: CO2 Laser Resurfacing
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