At the current developments,, the BAP technique develop by Profilo only targets the lower part of the face. The company is currently working on a new injection technique to target the upper part of the face.

When considering anti-aging treatments, Profhilo can be combined with treatments such as HIFU, Botox, Fillers and Laser Toning for the optimal results. Our experienced Doctors will curate a customized approach to treat all anti aging problems.

Profhilo with Botox: Botox can weaken the muscle responsible for wrinkles allowing tightening of skin. Combining with Profhilo, fine lines and wrinkles can be fully treated while stimulating production of collagen & elastin.

Profhilo with Laser Toning: Profhilo can be combined with energy device such as Lasers to treat pigmentations, skin renewal and overall skin tightening.

Profhilo with HIFU: HIFU is an excellent anti aging treatment. It can stimulate 3 layers under the skin to jump start collagen production. Combined with Profhilo, it will accelerate the collagen production for an optimal face lift.

Profhilo with Fillers: Combining fillers with Profhilo can treat skin laxity issues while providing added contours to sunken parts of your face. As the main ingredient for Fillers and Profhilo is hyaluronic acid, it can provide a synergistic approach to target anti aging issues.

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