How to remove moles?

How to remove moles?

Moles are generally removed through 3 common methods: CO2 laser removal, electrocautery, or surgical excision. All 3 methods are effective, however, it really depends on the kind of mole you have. Typically, moles will first be assessed to determine whether they have a suspicion of cancer before committing to a treatment.

Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is preferred method for cosmetic removal of moles with no suspicion of cancer. The laser method removes unwanted moles without harming the skin cells around them, and most importantly, it has the lowest risk for scars after the procedure.

The procedure is minimally invasive and usually heals quickly with no downtime. The removal process might require a few sessions, depending on the mole. For patients sensitive to pain, numbing cream / local anaesthesia can be applied to make it comfortable.

Electrocautery / Cauterisation mole removal

Cauterization is a surgical procedure that involves the use of heat to remove the mole. It is another common approach for extracting moles with no suspicion of cancer.

The mole’s surface would be heated using a sophisticated cauterization instrument, allowing it to vaporise. Scraping could be needed for larger moles.

Surgical Excision 

Surgical excision is the recommended solution when a mole is suspected of having skin cancer. A local anaesthetic will be used to ease the procedure.

The mole and a small amount of skin covering the region are cut out with a scalpel in this process, ensuring that more pigment cells are removed completely.

Cutting out these moles normally necessitates a few stitches and leaves a thin scar that can fade with time. The excised mole will be sent away for histological examination, and you will be informed of the findings in clinic.

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