Bio Intense Teeth Whitening

Let your pearly whites glow natural with us! You can expect a quick and
comfortable procedure teeth whitening session, using the latest Light-Emitting
Diode (LED) technology. The teeth whitening treatment employed is a non-invasive process that is said to leave one’s teeth up to 8 shades lighter. Get your brighter, whiter smile instantly with us!

Causes of teeth discolouration:

Food intake that discolours the teeth like:
– Coffee, tea, red wine, soya sauce, cola, chocolate, curry..

Food intake that weakens the enamel:
– Fizzy drinks, vinegar, citric foods, very cold / hot beverages

Lifestyle issues:
– Enamel will slowly wear off due to wear and tear – aging of the enamel
– Smoking
– Medications
– Genetics
– Poor dental hygiene (inadequate brushing/ flossing)

Treatment benefits:

Treats internal & external discolorations
Improves tone by 4 to 8 shades in 1 session
Non peroxide
No Pain
Fast & Safe
Guaranteed results

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Who should avoid the treatment?
Children under age of 16
Pregnant women (No Evidence)
Wearing dentures
Wearing braces
Existing wounds on gums or tongue
Gum recession
Exposed gum
Sensitive gum
Sensitive Teeth

What the the treatment procedure like?
Client will rinse her mouth first, if possible brush teeth before treatment. We will provide a teeth wipe to throughly clean the teeth with. We will prepare the mouth tray with the teeth whitening gel and put it into the client’s mouth to bite on. A safety googles will be placed on the client’s face for comfor as the light might be too bright. The treatment will take around 15 mins.

Is there anything to take note of?
There will be a warm heat during the treatment, this is the gel reacting to the light for whitening. There might be a numb feeling due to the reaction of the gel. It not painful. The gel is safe to ingest or swallow, there is no harmful substance.

Customers are strongly advised to not eat any staining or weakening food & beverages within 24 hours after the treatment
Daily oral hygiene is still compulsory maintain teeth white
It’s strongly recommended to use the following for maintanence:
Home Care Fusion Kit * link product


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