Korean Silk Protein Body Whitening

In our hot tropical climate, we are always rocking our tank tops, shorts, midriff tops and bikinis. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally smooth and flawless skin from top to toe. Most of us are bothered with dark blemishes on our body like dark underarms, dirty looking knee caps and dark looking bikini lines.

Worry not! As we have the solution to target these troublesome areas!

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Why does my underarm / inner thigh gets dark?

These areas are thinner and more delicate, thus with shaving, plucking, sweat accumulation and friction, the skin in these area tend to get dull and dark.


How does this treatment work?

We will work these dull and discoloured area by sloughing dead skin cells accumulated with a bamboo granules scrub enriched with AHA, Lactic and Mandalic acids. The treatment also includes Aloe vera extract that rejuvenates and moisturises the skin to brighten. We will Also apply specialised serums that stops melanin production in the area to reduce the skin from further darkening. A whitening mask enriched with peony extract and Vitamin C will uncover radiant and whiter skin.


How do I prolong the effect and maintain at home?

You can use our home care product – AHA Smoothing Cream, Whitening Serum and Brightening Cream for home care use!


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Call Us Today! +65 6333 4566 • hello@bioaesthetic.com.sg