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What are Dermal Fillers?


During the aging process, our faces will slowly lose volume due to the decrease in hyaluronic acid. Facial features such as the cheeks & undereyes will slowly sink in, causing the face to look dull & tired. The beauty of dermal fillers is that they’re designed to add volume, lift, and symmetry to your face, giving you a refreshed and natural appearance. Face fillers can also improve:

Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Acne scars

Enhance facial volume (Cheeks, Lip, Chin & Eyes)

Correct facial asymmetries 

Dermal fillers are the secret behind plump lips, a V shaped jawline, and an enhanced nose bridge. This versatile treatment offers a natural enhancement with no surgery or downtime. Treatment only requires 30 minutes, and you will be on your way to looking like the best possible version of yourself.


Surgical face enhancement results with no surgery

How do Dermal Fillers work?

The main ingredient in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid. In fact, our skin cells naturally produce hyaluronic acids to maintain moisture levels. The hydrating abilities of hyaluronic acid allow the face to pulp, resulting in smoother, finer lines & wrinkles.

When face fillers are injected into the skin, the hyaluronic acid will act as a magnet to attract moisture, allowing the targeted area to have a filling effect. Over the next few weeks, the HA will continue to attract water molecules to add volume to targeted areas.

At Bio Aesthetic Clinic Singapore, we only use FDA-approved fillers. Popular brands such as Restylane and Juvederm are popular hyaluronic acid fillers used for facial remodelling. It is especially effective to target lip augmentation, filling in pitted scars, treating deep wrinkles, and increasing volume where there is fat loss.

Rejuvenate Face

Remove Wrinkles

Treatment Benefits

Dermal Fillers Benefits:

  • Able to remodel facial area (Lips, Chin, Nose)
  • Non permanent enhancement, able to reverse effects
  • Increased volume at depressed areas from loss of collagen
  • Improves acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Can be paired with other treatments for better results

Procedure details:

  • Face assessment by doctor based on needs & recommendations
  • 30 minute dermal filler injections
  • Minimal downtime

Recommended Skin Type for Face Fillers


Look your best version of fresh. Face fillers are a non-surgical way to rejuvenate wrinkles, fine lines, & acne scars by adding volume and a big boost of hydration.

What is Dermal Fillers used for?

Face Fillers Injections


Treatment Time  30 mins
How long does Fillers last? 6–12 months
Recommended Intervals Consult Doctor
Recovery Time Zero Downtime, Zero Pain- Same day
Price $800/syringe onwards

Dermal Fillers Singapore

Dermal fillers is the perfect treatment to improve parts of the face affected by loss of volume and contouring. As we age, our body will naturally produce lesser hyaluronic acid causing certain parts of our face to appear sunken & hollow.

The common areas treated with fillers are lip fillers, cheekbones, chin, jawline & nasolabial line. The key benefit of face fillers allows you to have a natural symmetrical face without making your face look fat. The hyaluronic acid in the fillers is also very effective for skin hydration and rejuvenation.

Face Fillers is a non invasive treatment with instant results. This versatile treatment will treat your wrinkle, fine lines, chin & nose enhancements in a short 30 mins.





Where can I inject Dermal Fillers?


What are Dermal Fillers used for?

ForeheadEye Brow LiftNose BridgeTear TroughCheeks LiftNasolabial LineJawlineLips FillerChin Lift

Forehead (Reduce wrinkles & Volumize)

Forehead fillers can enhance the volume of the forehead for a more asymmetrical look. It can also reduce the visibility of forehead lines and wrinkles


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non-surgical cheek lift
• FDA approved hyaluronic dermal filler specifically developed for the forehead area

• Cheeks Filler last 9–12 months

Eyebrow Fillers Lift

As we age, the skin in the area of the eyebrows and the eyelids will appear heavier, causing signs of drooping in the eye area. As such, it tends to make the eye look smaller, creating a tired appearance.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non-Surgical Brow lift
• FDA approved hyaluronic dermal filler specifically developed for the forehead area

• Eyebrow filler lasts 6–12 months


Nose Bridge Lift Fillers

Nose fillers are excellent for shaping the volume and height of the nose bridge & nose tips. The filler allows your nose to be perfectly symmetrical by correcting the curves.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non Surgical Nose lift filler
• FDA approved hyaluronic dermal filler specifically developed for the Nose area

• Nose Bridge Filler lasts 6–12 months

Tear Trough / Eye Lift

Over time, with the lack of hyaluronic acid and late nights, our eye area will start to lose volume, resulting in a depressed, tired look. Eye fillers can volumize the area and reduce the hollow look.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non-Surgical Eye lift
• FDA-approved hyaluronic dermal filler specifically developed for the eye area

• Eye Filler lasts 6–12 months


Cheeks Lift Fillers

As we age, the fat pads on our cheeks will slowly deflate due to a lack of hyaluronic acid. As a result, our cheeks will lose their contours. Cheek fillers will instantly lift the face to restore a youthful appearance, improving the facial proportions.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non-surgical cheek lift
• FDA approved hyaluronic dermal filler specifically developed for the cheek area.

• Cheek Filler lasts 6–12 months

Nasolabial Line Fillers

Aging is the primary reason for the appearance of fine lines and looser skin in the mouth region. Sun damage is usually the culprit behind thinner, less elastic, and drier nasolabial lines.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non Surgical Face Contour
• Designed to smooth deep wrinkles for a refreshed look as well as gently restore natural-looking contours in the lower face.

• Nasolabial Filler lasts 6–12 months

Jawline Fillers

Aging is the primary reason for the appearance of fine lines and looser skin on your neck, chest, and décolletage. Sun damage is usually the culprit behind thinner, less elastic, and drier skin —a combination that makes it appear less firm, saggy, and wrinkled.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price: $980

Non Surgical Jaw Contour
• Designed to smooth deep wrinkles for a refreshed look, as well as gently restore natural-looking contours in the lower face.

• Jawline Filler lasts 15–24 months

Plump Lip Fillers

 As we age, this replacement mechanism of hyaluronic acid causes the depressed effect. As a result, your lips will lose volume.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price From $980

Non Surgical Pulp Lips
• Specifically designed for gently restoring natural-looking lip volume and defining lip contours.

• Lip Filler last 6 - 12 months

Chin Lift Fillers

Aging is the primary reason for the appearance of fine lines and looser skin on your neck, chest and décolletage. Sun damage is usually the culprit behind thinner, less elastic and drier skin —a combination that makes it appear less firm, saggy and wrinkled.


cheek fillers hyaluronic Price From $980

Non Surgical Chin & Cheek lift
• FDA approved dermal filler specifically developed for the cheek & chin area.

• Cheek Filler last 24 months

Dermal Fillers Cost and Price Singapore

Teosyal Redensity 1 1 ml $340 Skin Boosting
Teosyal Redensity 1 3 ml $1020 Skin Boosting
Teosyal Redensity 2 1 ml $980 Under eye filler
Teosyal RHA 2 1 ml $980 Lip Filler / Fine Wrinkles
Teosyal RHA 3 1 ml $980 Lip Filler / Dynamic Wrinkles
Teosyal RHA 4 1 ml $980 Nasolabial folds / Dynamic Wrinkles
Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep 1 ml $1080 Contouring


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How does hyaluronic acid fillers compare with other fillers?

Type Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Calcium Hydroxyapatite Fillers Polycaprolactone Fillers
Laser cheek fillers hyaluronic face fillers singapore bio aesthetic laser clinic Semi Permanent Filler cheek lip
Type Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (Dissolvable) Semi Permanent Fillers (Unable to Dissolve) Semi Permanent Fillers (Unable to Dissolve)
How long does it last 3 to 18 months 9 to 18 Months 1 to 2 Years
Reversible Yes No No
Price $850-$1200 / Syringe $1150-$1350 / Syringe $1200-$1500 / Syringe
Benefits Easily reversible if unsatisfied. Collagen producing & stronger lift Longest lasting filler & stronger lift
Results Immediate Immediate Immediate

Which type of Face Fillers suits me best?

We recommend HA face fillers.

When it comes to face fillers, we recommend Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers. HA is the key component responsible for our youthful & hydrated skin. As HA is a natural component found in our skin, the injection of HA is suitable for most people without any risk of allergic reactions. Other considerations for HA include:

Reversible treatment (Able to reverse treatment)

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles (HA delivers moisture to skin)

Safety and efficiency (Can be used on any part of the face)

FDA Approved (We only use FDA approved HA fillers)

The only disadvantage of HA fillers is that they can only last a maximum of 18 months. Compared to semi-permanent fillers that can last up to 4 years, it means that patients are required to come back for more maintenance. Another consideration is that the definition of beauty could differ between doctors and patients. If the patient does not like the treatment results, semi-permanent filler cannot be reversed.

face fillers singapore bio aesthetic laser clinic

What are the Dermal Fillers brands?

Face Fillers Before and After.

There are many kinds of hyaluronic fillers on the market. In order to determine the best face fillers, it is important to determine which part of the face is targeted. Simply put, not all hyaluronic acid fillers are made the same. It is best to choose fillers that are FDA-approved, as they have a good track record for results, quality, and safety. The popular brand for hyaluronic acid face fillers in Singapore is:

Teosyal Fillers

Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic only uses FDA-approved fillers for facial enhancements & contouring. Popular filler treatments such as chin filler, forehead filler and cheek fillers are ideal for facial contouring. Unfortunately, face fillers before and after cannot be publicly displayed due to regulations.

Dermal filler injection treatment injection. Singapore Aesthetic Clinic Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic


Brands Juvederm Revanesse Teosyal Restylane
Technology Vycross Technology  Thixofix cross-linking Cross-linking NASHATM and OBTTM
Texture Smooth texture Smooth texture Gel texture Smooth texture
Price $950 – $1200 $850 – $1080 $950 – $1080 $950 – $1200
Pain Level Include lidocaine (decrease pain) Include lidocaine (decrease pain) Include lidocaine (decrease pain) Include lidocaine (decrease pain)
Effectiveness Designed to treat wrinkles Popular to treat facial wrinkle folds (nasolabial lines) more easily moulded It is popular to treat eye area (tear trough) Better at building volume
Safety FDA Approved FDA Approved FDA Approved FDA Approved

Am I suitable for Face Fillers?

Who are face fillers for?

Male or female who wants to enhance the contours on lips, chin, jawline & nose

Patients who wants to add volume to hollow/depressed areas on the face

Patients from late 20s onward looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin hydration

What kind of results can I expect?

After the treatment, there might be some slight swelling, bruising, redness, pain, and a rash. Rest assured, these side effects are very mild and do not last long. It can take up to 7 days to heal. The results from face fillers are immediate. Treatment time only requires 30 minutes, and we will advise you when you touch up.

Can I use Medisave to pay for face fillers treatments?

Unfortunately, face filler treatment cannot be paid through Medisave. Both government and private clinics do not offer such benefits. Face fillers is considered a cosmetic treatment.

FAQs about Dermal Fillers

What is Botox?

Botox is a muscle relaxing drug that primarily used to reduce wrinkles temporarily (usually up to 4-6 months). Botox is a protein derived from Botulinum toxin. It is a neurotoxin which disrupts nerve signalling processes to stimulate muscle contraction.

In order for any muscle to contract, the nerves release a chemical messenger called acetylcholine. Botulinum toxin injections prevent the release of this messenger, which stops the muscle cells from contracting.

Botox can be injected to several parts of the face to eliminate wrinkles & fine lines. Parts of the face includes:

Forehead lines – Female  (Frontalis) $280 $250
Forehead lines – Male (Frontalis) $330 $300
Frown Lines – Female (Glabella) $280 $250
Frown Lines – Male (Glabella) $330 $300

$198 per side

$160 per side
Crow’s Feet

$198 per side

$160 per side
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250
Jaw Line – Female (Masseter muscles) $690 $598
Jaw Line – Male (Masseter muscles) $890 $790
Chin $230 $198
Gummy Smile $230 $198
Neck lines $790 $600
Dermalift Mirco-injections $790 $600
Sweat Control: Underarms / Palms $1500 $1200
Calf Reduction $1500 $1200
Ala Carte Add on Per Unit $15/ unit $12 / unit

Other than reducing wrinkles, it is approved under Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat various health issues such as:

  • Eyelid spasms
  • Excessive sweating (armpits)
  • Bladder disorders
  • Migraine
  • Jawline Slimming
  • Calf Reduction

A study from American Board of Cosmetic Surgery found that there are over over 7 million Botox treatments performed. It is the most popular aesthetic procedure  in Singapore.

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There are also myths that Botox gives the “plastic look. Choosing a doctor with the right qualifications can show natural outcomes for your face. With no surgery and downtime, this flexible procedure promises natural change with no wrinkles.

The costs of the procedure usually starts from $15/unit and varies between Aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

The 3 popular brands of Botulinum Toxin are Dysport, Xeomin & Botox. While all brands perform the same job,  there are some small variation in characteristics. To find out the different characteristics

The biggest distinction is how the Botulinum Toxin spreads. All 3 brands are HSA (Health Science Authority) licensed, Botox and Dysport are more popular primarily due to longer track records.


what is botox?

Category: Botox

When it comes to injectable procedures, there are always certain risks involved. As different people reacts differently to Botox, in general most patients do not experience any side effects.

There are the rare few patients who will experience drooping of muscles (eyelids or eye brows) after the treatment, however the effects last only temporarily until the Botulinum Toxin wears off.

Common side effect such as bleeding around the injection sites, headache, flu-like symptoms and local pain may occur after the treatment. Do make sure to call your licensed medical practitioner for advise.


Category: Botox

Botox has been in the market for over 15 years. Other than fine lines & wrinkles, it is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. The Botox brands used in Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic are all FDA and HSA approved (do not use any Botox that are not HSA approved – ensure you check with the Doctor what brands are used).

The safety record of Botox is wide spread to 75 countries and used by millions of doctors worldwide. Botox has a remarkably good safety track record.

Category: Botox

There will be a comprehensive consultation with Doctor Fin regarding your ideal results. We will take into consideration your concerns to recommend a customised treatment plan for you. Doctor will advise you the best course of treatments for your desired outcome.

Category: Botox

After the Botox treatment, you can see noticeable results immediately, however the full effects will take approximately 2 weeks.

In the hands of an experienced doctor, results can be subtle without an obvious difference. There is only a slight discomfort during the injection, however Botox treatment has no downtime and considered a very safe treatment.

Category: Botox

Generally, there are 4 factors when considering the price of Botox. The factors are:

  1. Treatment Area (Treatment area will determine how many units are required to be injected)
  2. Brand of Botox used (Different Botox brands have different costs)
  3. Experience of Doctor (You may be charged a small premium due to the expertise of the Doctor)
  4. “Overheads” of Clinic (Higher rental & costs will require the clinic to charge more)

At Bio Aesthetic Laser, our prices are inclusive of a complimentary touch up after the 1 week review if the 1st injection is not enough. Our clinic’s practice is not to over do the treatment (especially for botox), so Dr will inject his recommended dosage based on the client’s needs first and then review after a week to see if more is required.

Category: Botox

Botox is injected into the muscles or skin in very minimal portions.

The Botulinum Toxin disables signals from nerve cells to the muscles. As a result, it weakens the muscles responsible for fine line & wrinkles.



We do not recommend Botox during pregnancy for precautions. There are a lack of information on the treatment effects towards the fetus.


Category: Botox

For injectables (including fillers & Botox), we do not treat any patients under 18. There are a wide range of treatments that are suitable for minors. Consult or team of aestheticians & doctor for your skin type.


Category: Botox

Individual tolerance for pain differs. Generally

Botox injections is a quick prick with a slight sensation lasting a few seconds.

Anaesthetic is readily available if required.


Category: Botox

It is advisable to avoid any vigorous physical activity or large consumption of alcohol 24 hours before the treatment. This is to ensure a lower risk of bruising.

Advisable not to take any Aspirin & Vitamin E one week before Botox treatment


Category: Botox
Forehead (Frontalis) 8 – 25 units 3 – 6 Months
Frown Line (Glabella) 8 – 20 units 3 – 5 Months
Eye Brow Lift 4 – 8 units 4 – 6 Months
Crow Feet 8 – 20 units 4 – 5 Months
Bunny Lines (Nose Wrinkles) 4 – 10 units 3 – 5 Months
Gummy Smile 4 – 8 units 4 – 5 Months
Jaw Line Slimming (Masseter) 40 – 80 units 6 – 12 Months
Dimpled Chin 40 – 80 units 3 – 5 Months
Category: Botox

In general, face fillers are gels injected into the face to replace loss of volume due to aging and sun damage. Botox is more focused on wrinkles and fine lines. It is essentially a neurotoxin that to treat wrinkles like frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines and bunny lines.


DISCLAIMER: Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic website provides general information about medical aesthetic treatments and procedures. It must be remembered that individual client’s circumstances may vary, and each treatment may not be suitable for all.

Our website serves as basic information for clients and does not substitute for a detailed and personal consultation with a practitioner.

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